Recession Proof Jobs

Is there Such a Thing as a Recession-Proof Job?

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but the chance of a doctor having a job during a recession is much greater than the chance of a human resources recruiter having a job at a time when companies are laying off employees in droves. While most job sectors will trim employees during economic downturns, some industries are more apt to trim larger percentages of workers than others.

Following is a list of top “Recession-Proof” jobs. These professions are needed and necessary no matter how unpredictable and volatile the economy.

1) Health Care: No matter what, people will always need access to professionals in the health care industry. People get sick, people get hurt, people have babies, and people need surgery. Because there are laws that prevent American residents from diagnosing their own aliments and prescribing their own medications, doctors will always be needed. Besides doctors, other health care-related professions that will always be in demand include nurses, pharmacists, medical administrators, physical therapists, physician’s assistants, occupational therapists, medical assistants, X-ray technicians, medical coders, medical records technicians and medical appointment schedulers.

2) Dental Health: Just like health care, people are always going to need dental care. Nobody wants to live with tooth pain, and visits to the dentist’s office are not optional. While some people may put off elective dental work or cosmetic dentistry during a recession, general dental work is something that cannot be avoided. Dentists may see a dip in the number of patients who visit their offices during a down economy, but good oral hygiene is important to a majority of people – and they are always going to be willing to pay for dental visits. Besides dentists, other dental health professionals that will always be in demand include dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental office administrators.

3) Law Enforcement: A poor economy usually equals a rise in the crime rate. Despite the fact that governmental agencies are likely to have smaller budgets during a recession, they rarely lay off police officers. Additionally, professionals who work in the prison system are also recession proof.

4) Military Personnel: There is a need for military personnel at all times – no matter the state of the economy. There are various branches of the military that are always searching for new members. While a military profession is demanding and it provides a challenging lifestyle, it is often the career of choice during a recession when it is difficult to find other jobs.

5) Teachers and Instructors: During a good economy teachers are in high demand because there is money available to hire them. In poor economy, there is still a demand for teachers because they are always needed to replace those who are retiring and also because more people choose to attend school during a recession because they are unable to find work. Teachers are always needed at all levels ranging from elementary to post-high school.

6) Government Worker. It is very rare for a governmental agency to lay off employees. In most circumstances, people only leave government jobs when they retire, when they leave for another job, or when they move to another city or state. In most cases, government agencies have hiring freezes during a recession at which time they cannot hire additional employees – but those who are already secure in their position have very little risk of losing it.

7) Bartender and Bar Server: This is an industry that thrives during a recession. When the economy is poor, people often seek solace in drinking alcohol. They frequent bars more often and they hang out in bars for longer periods of time than they would during a thriving economy. The increase in bar patrons has a ripple effect on this industry because an increase in the sale of alcohol causes alcohol production companies to hire more workers as well.

8) Funeral Directors and Morticians: No matter the state of the economy, people die. And, with the ever-increasing population of the world more and more people die each year. Therefore, there will always be a need for funeral directors, morticians and all others who work in related professions such as cemetery maintenance technicians, and grave diggers.

9) Clergy: People rely on their clergy for advice and guidance. During a recession, there are massive numbers of people that turn to their clergy for emotional and spiritual help.

10) Public Service Company Workers: Even in a poor economy, in the United States there is a need for a continuous supply of electricity, clean water, telephone service, and all other types of public utilities. Therefore, the jobs of all types of public service technicians will always be in demand. This includes professionals who are trained to install new lines, repair broken systems, manage treatment plants, environmental engineers, and system safety operators.

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Written by Melanie Fischer, Career & Job Expert who has been writing professionally for over 10 years.