Overcoming Career Boredom

Have you ever watched someone complete a monotonous job, such as filing paperwork or answering an office phone, and wondered how that person can stand performing the same tasks over and over again without any seemingly dissatisfaction? Or, are YOU the person with the boring job?

Boring jobs do not necessarily have to be monotonous. Anyone can be bored in any job if the job does not provide much intellectual stimulation.

Some people do not mind completing the same tasks repeatedly during their work day. In fact, some thrive on this type of work because they know their job responsibilities so well that they do not have to put much thought or effort into getting their jobs done. For these individuals, their jobs are just “jobs.” There is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of employment, and for those who are satisfied with monotonous work, repetitive jobs are prefect!

But there are many individuals who cannot thrive and survive at jobs that are boring and non-challenging. Becoming bored with a job is very common in today’s workplace. Even with jobs that started out as challenging adventures, people who have inquisitive minds and want to further their skills and levels of responsibility can become quickly dissatisfied with their careers.

While it is great to want to complete more difficult and diverse work, these types of opportunities might not be available in some situations. Therefore, unless you want to find a new job, you are going to have to figure out a way to combat your boredom.

Following are some ideas on how to keep yourself intellectually challenged while you are dealing with career burn-out or a lack of job interest:

  1. If you are bored with your job, it probably means that you are very good at it and you are no longer challenged by it. In fact, you are probably an “expert” at your job. As an expert you are automatically qualified to provide information to others about your profession and your industry. Why not start a blog? If you get enough readers and followers, you can actually earn money from your blog.

  2. If you can handle a blog and you are successful with it, you will surely be ready to start writing and publishing eBooks that can easily earn you money and also create a new found interest in your otherwise boring career. According to E-bookDirectory.com and CopyBolgger.com, eBook topics are endless, a person can write as many as desired, and books can be published quickly and easily.

  3. Do you have time to get a second job? If so, a second job, even if it is only for a few hours a week, can cause you to jump start your excitement about working. You might want to focus on finding a second job that focuses more on challenging you rather than one that provides you with a high salary.

  4. Become an adjunct professor at a local community college. Colleges are always looking for adjunct professors who are knowledgeable about specific professions to teach introductory-level courses.

  5. Find a volunteer position that requires your specific job skills. For example, if you are an accountant, find a non-profit organization that needs a volunteer bookkeeper. If it’s an organization in which you have a personal interest, the volunteer work you complete will be challenging and rewarding.

  6. Think about starting your own business. But before you actually quit your boring job, make sure you are able to get your business idea off the ground. Work on your business plan and opening your business during your lunch hour, in the evening and on weekends. If you dedicate your spare time to building the beginning of a successful business, you will find yourself having a more positive and upbeat professional outlook.

If You Don’t Have the Desire to Take on Additional Work, What Can you do to Combat Boredom?

If you simply don’t have the drive or desire to become a blogger, become an eBook writer, work a second job, become adjunct professor, work in a volunteer position or become a business owner, there are other ways to make your current job more interesting.

  1. If it doesn’t end up getting you into trouble at work, try to be friendly with co-workers. Oftentimes when you are able to look forward to eating lunch with co-workers it makes the morning hours at work pass faster.

  2. If possible, take short exercise breaks during the day. For example, if you work above the first floor in your building, take the stairs every time you enter and exit the office.

  3. Find out if it is acceptable to display personal items and/or photographs at your desk. If so, you might consider placing something unusual on your desk – maybe a unique shell you found on the beach during your last vacation? The items will undoubtedly cause co-workers to stop by your desk and ask about it.

  4. Keep a supply of candy in a bowl on your desk for co-workers. No matter what, you will have visitors at your desk at all times of the day who want a sweet treat.

  5. Don’t eat lunch at your desk. Use your allotted break time or lunch hour to get out of the office. This will provide you with an increased energy level and help to break up your work day.

Besides these tips, there are many others. For more information on how to reduce your boredom level at work, take a look at these articles:

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Written by Melanie Fischer, Career & Job Expert who has been writing professionally for over 10 years.