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JMobile App Development is one of Many “Next Generation Jobs”

It seems as though there’s an app for everything these days, and if there isn’t an app currently available for something you think could use one, you can bet that someone is working on it right now! Individuals, entrepreneurs, and mobile app development companies are coming up with new ideas every day, and they are hiring talented mobile app developers in large numbers. The profession of an app developer is considered to be a “next generation job.” It’s a career that barely existed a decade ago, but is destined for huge growth in the near future.

Search any job board using the words “app developer”, and you will see thousands of jobs posted throughout the United States – and also all over the world. Companies are struggling to hire enough talented mobile app developers to meet the needs of their customers. Nobody wants to miss out on the next million-dollar app idea! According to the website, “for IT professionals with programming skills, the gap (e.g. the deficiency in qualified app developers) represents a fresh opportunity to embark on a career makeover.”

A Surge in Hiring

Due to the fact that mobile app development is a multi-billion dollar industry, mobile app developers are in high demand. The website reports that the demand for Android app developers was up more than 302 percent over the past year, and the number of positions for those with iPhone app development skills was up more than 200 percent last year. However, companies are not hiring those without the appropriate skills, which is why proper training and experience in application programming is essential.

Americans who are considered the “Millennial Generation” are those currently between the ages of 20 and 29. Ever since approximately 2008, members of this age group have been struggling to find jobs and earn decent salaries. In fact, the unemployment rate for those in their early 20s is significantly higher than those in their late 20s and early 30s. Today’s unemployment rate has affected the specific college majors students are choosing because they want to choose the right one, without having anxiety that they will graduate from school without any career options or job prospects. This has caused many 20-somethings to select college majors that are considered to be “Next Generation” – which, among several other careers, includes software application development. More and more schools are offering this course of study in both associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs to help keep up with the demand for individuals who are properly trained to work in this profession.

A Degree in App Development

College degrees in app development are springing up at schools across the nation. Colleges and universities are responding to the huge demand for qualified app developers and are not only offering associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in this field, but according to the website, many are also offering certificate programs and bootcamps.

Rasmussen College (, which was one of the first schools to offer an associate’s degree in software application development, says that “as technology continues to advance and improve business systems and processes around the globe, professionals in software development are in high demand.” Their program prepares students to work with Java programming and mobile application development upon their graduation. Also, Rasmussen reports that there is a projected salary growth of 34 percent in the coming years for mobile app developers.

Full-Time Employment vs. Contract Work

Many companies realize that there is an urgent need for mobile app development, but they are reluctant to hire full-time and permanent employees to work on such projects. Consequently, many are hiring freelance or contract workers or in some cases app development companies to complete the necessary programming on a one-time or as-needed basis. Therefore, this has drastically increased the number of independent app development consultants and app development consulting firms. Due to the fact that the mobile app development industry is still evolving, it is often safer for companies to hire on a non-permanent basis rather than hire a full time app development staff. This has not, however, affected the demand for app developers. It has simply shifted the work from in-house to out-sourced.

More Demand Than Supply

There is an economic theory that supply and demand determines the price of a product. When there is a shortage of a product that is in demand, the price for the product goes up. This relates to the supply versus the demand for talented mobile app developers. Currently, there is a supply shortage, which has caused the salaries for individuals with mobile app design skills to increase dramatically. Given the current rate of demand for developers who truly understand the interfaces of all types of smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, BlackBerrys, and Android mobile phones, the professional possibilities in this industry are endless.

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Written by Melanie Fischer, Career & Job Expert who has been writing professionally for over 10 years.