Invest In Your Career and Yourself

Have you ever heard of “ROI?” ROI stands for “Return on Investment.” In essence, the definition of this financial-related term is associated to how much of a gain a person will receive from investing in something. Usually, ROI is used in conjunction with putting money into the stock market or another type of investment. Will you double, triple or quadruple your money if you buy stock in a company? Is the return guaranteed?

Investing in yourself and in your career is just as important as investing money in the stock market. Both types of investments will increase your overall net worth. If you have faith in a company, you should buy stock in it. Likewise, if you have faith in yourself, you should consider investing in your career. But, just as you would not throw money into a company that you know cannot succeed, don’t invest in your career or your education without a clear plan of how you will use the money to make things better for yourself.

You must invest in yourself in order to move forward. This does not necessarily involve a lot of money. Besides money, investing in yourself and in your career involves spending time and energy.

Following are the most important reasons that investing in your career is essential:

You are in control of your career. Investing in something that you have control over is often smarter than investing in something that other people control. As a professional, you have the power to steer your career in the direction you want it to go. If you decide that spending money on an advanced education will help you advance your career, the decision is up to you. An education will most likely help you achieve higher professional positions and will cause to you earn more money in the long run.

You are in control of your income. While you may be an employee of a company, you are not necessarily bound to that company forever. You may sometimes feel that you don’t have freedom and you don’t have a choice on where to work. But, you actually do. In the United States, all citizens are in control of their own professional futures. If you want to make more money or achieve a higher level of professional success, you are in charge of making those changes. If your current employer will not give you a raise or a promotion – or if you are unemployed, it is up to you to invest in yourself in order to reach your goals.

Nobody cares about you as much as you! You may want to believe that your employer is your top advocate. You may feel indispensible. But the truth is, while everybody is important in the world, most people are replaceable in Corporate America. Knowing this, it is especially important to “hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” If you invest in your career advancement before a crisis occurs, you will be ready to advance or shift your career on a moment’s notice.

Life is short… do something great! Many people are seemingly satisfied with getting up in the morning, going to mediocre job, and coming home at the end of the day to eat dinner and watch television for a couple of hours before going to bed. But, wouldn’t it be great if you had the opportunity to get up in the morning and be able to work in a profession that truly motivates you and makes you feel as if you are making a big contribution to society each day? If you want to get out of the rut of a boring job, you may have to invest in your career in order to move into a more worthwhile profession.

Other people will envy you. If you invest in your career and are able to work in a profession that truly inspires you, other people will want what you have. This is not to say that your number one goal should be to find a profession that makes other people jealous, but it means that it is a good feeling to know that you are working in a desirable profession that you were only able to achieve because you invested in yourself.

According to the website, it can be a difficult decision to spend money on education in order to advance your career. “But some investments – of money and time – can really pay off.” Having skills and an education are two of the best ways to ensure career stability and career advancement.

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Written by Melanie Fischer, Career & Job Expert who has been writing professionally for over 10 years.