How to Find a Fun Job

Is there really such thing as a fun job? If so, you probably want one, right?

Is the prospect of having a fun job similar to having your cake and eating it too? It sounds too good to be true. But, fun jobs do exist! But… not so fast.

There are two potential problems associated with fun jobs:

  1. They are hard to find.

  2. They usually don’t pay very well.

Also, what may look like a fun job to bystanders might not actually be as fun as originally thought. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at some of the jobs that are classified as fun that exist in the world.

Keep in mind while reading about fun jobs that these jobs sometimes require a little bit of luck and a little bit of skill to obtain. 

Following is a list of fun jobs published by the website According to the author of this list, you must have a sincere drive and desire to work in a fun and cool profession if you want to succeed and make money. Also, you must be able to find your true professional passion as well as be willing to take risks.

The top three fun careers listed on are: 1) Magicians, 2) Sailboat Captain, and 3) Jobs in the Hospitality Industry.

Does Unique Equal Fun?

When a person has a unique job, such as a celebrity impersonator, do they have fun while working? The consensus is yes, they have fun competing their jobs – – or else they would switch to more traditional careers. Unique jobs are the envy of those who don’t have them. The prospect of having a unique career seems like the ultimate way to get paid for something you love to do. Additionally, some unique and fun jobs can pay very well! Don’t be fooled, however, because some unique jobs do not pay well and are considered to be more of a hobby than a job.

To give you more ideas of some jobs that can be described as fun, and how much the people in these jobs are earning on a daily or yearly basis, the website published a list of jobs that they classify as “cool”:

  • Travel Agent: It’s a fun job because you can get reduced rates for yourself when you travel. Salary: $27,640.

  • Baker: Its fun because you get to bake goodies all day long! Salary: $35,000 – $39,400.

  • Sports Agent: It’s fun because you get to work with professional sports players. Salary: $64,100.

  • Publicist: It’s fun because you get to create public relations campaigns for clients. Salary: $49,100.

  • Athletic Trainer: It’s fun because you get to help others become physically fit. Salary: $38,500.

  • Wedding Planner: It’s fun because you get to plan elaborate events. Salary: $30,300.

  • Announcer: It’s fun because you get to be present at various important events. Salary: $32,700.

  • Hairstylist: It’s fun because you get to talk with customers while styling their hair. Salary: $36,600.

  • Sommelier: It’s fun because you get to give advice about wine. Salary: $110,000.

  • Gaming Worker: It’s fun because you are able to see other people win (or lose) when they gamble. Salary: $14,340 – $40,840.

Adventurous Jobs

A category of job that is often described as fun is the adventure job sector. Adventure jobs consist of everything ranging from travel guides to white water rafting tour leaders. Most adventure jobs take place outdoors and are the best match for enthusiasts who are experienced in their chosen career. Adventure jobs are definitely not for everyone and are typically considered to be highly physical and demanding. Adventure jobs can be found anywhere in the world.

Disney World

People who visit Disney World often think that working there would be the greatest experience possible. They would consider jobs at a Disney park to be very fun. In reality, working at a Disney resort is fun, but it is also very demanding and draining. Disney expects all of its employees to be cheerful and happy at all times and negative attitudes and slow-moving employees are not tolerated.

The website published its own list of the most fun jobs available. Their list is as follows:

  1. Ferrari driving instructor

  2. Astronaut

  3. Winemaker

  4. Chocolatier

  5. Pilot

  6. Magician

  7. Park Ranger

  8. Video Game Designer

  9. Florist

  10. Stand Up Comedian

Definition of a Fun Job

The biggest issue with describing fun jobs is that everyone’s definition of fun is slightly different. For example, a pilot might think that his job is incredibly fun, but a person who does not like flying would not agree. Also, a person who loves performing on stage might believe his job is fun, but a person who is not extroverted might not enjoy that type of job at all. A fun job is better described as one that is enjoyable every single day.

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Written by Melanie Fischer, Career & Job Expert who has been writing professionally for over 10 years.