Tattoo Artist

Tattoos are designs that are engraved on the skin in indelible colored pigment using electric needles. Many tattoo artists are independent workers and have websites or run advertisements in newspapers and magazines but some work in tattoo shops. Regardless if they are self-employed or work for a store they usually keep portfolios of their work to show potential clients who want a tattoo. Before clients make a final decision on the nature size and placement of a tattoo they consult with the tattoo artist who traces a paper version of the tattoo to make sure the client approves of the design as well as the price of the tattoo. Before actually starting the procedure tattoo artists are responsible for having the client sign legal paperwork and making sure the client does not have any medical conditions that will interfere with the healing process. After performing the procedure the tattoo artist applies bandages and tells the client how to care for the tattooed area so that it heals properly. Tattoo artists are responsible for making sure all of their equipment is sterile and that they follow all state and federal health codes with regard to hygiene. Individuals who aspire to a career as a tattoo artist must have artistic ability and they must be good at communicating with clients about the designs they want to have. Most tattoo artists have a minimum educational background of a high school diploma or GED and have completed an apprenticeship. Additionally most states require a license. Earnings for tattoo artists depend on location with those working in large metropolitan areas earning more than those working in rural areas or small towns. According to the website the annual earnings for tattoo artists range from $19000 to $65000.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Apprenticeship
Avg Salary: $42000
High Salary: $65000
Low Salary: $19000
Tasks: Creates initial tattoo designs on paper.
Stencils designs onto clients' skin.
Uses an electric tattoo needle to make a design permanent.
Explains to clients how to care for their tattoos.
Also Called: Body Artist
Tattoo Designer
Tattoo Consultant
Tattoo Expert
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