Sign Painter

So many of today’s advertising and marketing materials are mass produced using various types of computer technology that it is rare to think of professional sign painters who design and paint advertisements and signs by hand. Hand-painted signs exist on store-front windows on walls on the sides of vehicles and in many other locations that are visible to the public. Sign painters are typically individuals with an artistic talent who can take an idea for an advertisement or a design and create a sign using various types of paint painting materials and painting tools. Many times they create signs completely by hand and other times they use a stencil or guide. While there is no formal educational requirement for a job as a sign painter an associate’s degree in the field of fine art graphic design or a similar subject will give an aspiring sign painter more of an opportunity to advance their technique and skill. The most essential ability for a sign painter to have is the skill to effectively use and manipulate paint in a creative manner. This is often an expertise that cannot be learned but must be a natural talent. In order to find work many sign painters work for sign painting companies. However it is also common for sign painters to be independent contractors. Typical work hours vary depending on the needs of their clients or the specific jobs. Sometimes business owners do not want their stores or office locations to be painted during normal business hours in which case a sign painter would have to work during the night hours or on the weekends. According to the website the average salary range for a sign painter is $26852 – $51182 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $39017
High Salary: $51182
Low Salary: $26852
Tasks: Meets with clients to determine their sign painting needs.
Paints logos, designs and messages on signs.
Creates original designs or copies existing designs.
Mixes paint colors to achieve a specific result.
Also Called: Signmaker
Graphic Design Painter
Advertisement Painter
Commercial Sign Painter
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