Illustrators work in a wide variety of industries using visual representations such as diagrams or drawings in order to convey ideas themes or even emotions. Often their work is meant as a visual stimulus to be used as a marketing tool that will influence people to believe in an opinion or idea or in some cases persuade them to purchase a certain type of item. Illustrators use different types of materials such as colored pencils paint and different computer graphics software programs to create appealing and convincing pieces of work. The website contends that illustrators need several types of abilities. First and foremost they must have excellent drawing and painting skills. In addition they need to have well-developed technical skills because computer software is commonly used to create and edit illustrative work. In order to advance their artistic and technical schools many illustrators attend an art school with an illustration program. Finally social skills are extremely important because most illustrators have to network to find jobs and they must be good at maintaining professional relationships. In addition it is imperative that they be able to communicate their ideas clearly and also be willing to accept and incorporate the feedback they get from their customers. The website says that some illustrators work for publishing companies or architectural firms. However many also work on a freelance basis and market their skills for work on films websites fashion concepts catalogues advertising newspaper and magazine editorials and video game design. According to the website illustrators make an average annual salary of approximately $57000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $57000
High Salary: $67000
Low Salary: $47000
Tasks: Uses paints, pencils and computers to create designs.
Communicates with clients to determine what artwork is needed.
Creates initial sketches for client approval.
Completes final-draft artwork for presentation.
Also Called: Sketcher
Concept Designer
Graphics Artist
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