Artistic Director

An artistic director is someone who works for an organization that focuses on dramatic arts – – usually a theatre company. Depending on the situation this type of position can be on-going or can last for one theatrical season.

The artistic director normally has a very high level of responsibility and is involved in all aspects of the theatrical production including deciding the direction of the theatre companys artistic direction promoting the vision of the theatre and evaluating the artistic talents of the performers.  If you are interested in a degree in visual arts click here.

Additionally the artistic director may play a vital role in deciding who to hire for all positions ranging from who will perform in shows to who will design the stage sets. Depending on the scenario the artistic director may be responsible for seeking out specific actors dancers or performers who will best suit particular roles in the production. In many cases the artistic director of a theatrical organization is a retired actor dancer or performer.

While there is no formal educational requirement for this job to be successful it is essential to have years and years of experience in the theatre industry. According to the median salary for an artistic director is almost $100000 per year but the potential for an even higher salary is possible depending on the popularity and location of the theatre company.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $102981.5
High Salary: $137248
Low Salary: $68715
Tasks: Decides the direction of the theatre company
Promotes the vision of the theatre.
Helps decide who to hire for all positions.
Evaluates the artistic talents of the performers.
Also Called: Artistic Manager
Theatre Manager
Theatrical Expert
Artistic Promoter
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