Art Historian

Art historians are knowledgeable about artists and their work and also about the cultural role of art and how it interacts with historical time period. As such they need factual information and cultural sensitivity in order to understand how art has evolved over time. Often art historians specialize in art from a particular period and culture. Research careers as an Art historian.

Art historians can work for businesses and nonprofit institutions. However most commonly they aspire to positions as art museum curators which entails managing art collections preserving artwork and determining its role and influence on society. To prepare for a career as an art historian particularly art curator individuals must earn a bachelor's degree at a college or university that has a program in art history.

Typically individuals will continue with graduate studies at one of the many universities that offer master's degrees in art history andor museum studies or curatorial studies. Serving an internship as a curatorial assistant at a small museum or gallery can make individuals even more marketable in the field. Many graduate programs offer courses in museum administration and education historic preservation and management of art collections. Some individuals continue their graduate studies by earning a Ph.D. degree.

With regard to annual income reports that as of November 2010 salaries for art historians ranged from approximately $33000 to $63000.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $48000
High Salary: $63000
Low Salary: $33000
Tasks: Knowledgeable about artists and their work.
Understands how art has evolved over time.
Specializes in art from a particular period and culture.
Works for businesses and nonprofit institutions such as museums.
Also Called: Curator
Art Collector
Art Manager
Professor of Art History
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