Art Editor

Art editors work for online and printed journals magazines or other publications. Often they arrange pages check that the graphics drawings and designs are appropriate well-placed and readable check that publications are up-to-date in style and in general work to ensure the publication is of top quality. In some cases they are responsible for cover drawings and designs.

They must be able to communicate their ideas to others especially because they often work in teams. Art editors should be creative but at the same time remain aware of the commercial aspects of publications such as the latest trends in visual style and what style and content that will appeal to readers. They must be detail oriented able to meet strict deadlines and skilled at working within a budget. Often they are competent in using page design software but they must keep current with improvements in technology and trends to remain competitive. Get an education as an Art editor.

For professional magazines they should have knowledge about the topic of the publication. To secure employment aspiring art editors must present an outstanding portfolio to demonstrate their competence and capabilities. Jobs are competitive but are advertised in the creative and trade press in newspapers and on the internet. Many art editors start their careers as junior art editors or graphic designers.

Some universities have post-graduate courses in graphic design and professional organizations offer courses and workshops that can be helpful to keep current or to count toward a certificate if necessary. Art editors work typical Monday to Friday office hours but may have to work extra hours when a publication is going to press.

According to salaries can vary widely but can range from $24500 to $70000 with an average of $43743.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $47250
High Salary: $70000
Low Salary: $24500
Tasks: Works for online and printed publications.
Arrange pages.
Checks that publications are up-to-date and top quality.
Meets strict deadlines.
Also Called: Publication Designer
Graphic Artist
Creative Director
Art Director
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