Art Director

Art directors oversee the artistic design of printed advertisements in books or magazines or advertisements on television or the internet. They create visual concepts and make decisions about photographers illustrators models and props necessary for an advertisement. They also check the final product to insure its quality.  Consider getting a career in Visual Arts.

Art directors usually direct a creative team that develops concepts for an advertisement refines the concepts decides on the size and scale of photographs and illustrations and runs computer programs to see how pages will appear in print. For television the art director works with a copywriter and producer to tape an ad and then makes casting decisions about the actors that will appear in them.

Aspiring art directors need a portfolio of their best work. They can start preparing for this career as early as high school by taking courses in art mechanical drawing drafting and photography. Then they can then attend a two-year college taking courses in layout and paste-up or they can attend a four-year college and earn a bachelors degree in fine art.

Many art schools offer programs in graphic design typography photography drawing and up-to-date computer programs but art school applicants usually to present a portfolio. Once in art school they can further develop skills and serve internships all the while working on their portfolios so that they will be marketable when they graduate. Many art directors start out as assistants until they get enough experience to qualify them for higher positions. To get a promotion to art director individuals must show potential employers sample ad campaigns they have created.

National salary data as of November 2010 indicates that the annual pay for art directors ranges from $42766 to $69049.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $55907.5
High Salary: $69049
Low Salary: $42766
Tasks: Design of printed advertisements.
Creates visual concepts.
Directs a creative team.
Works with a copywriters and television producers.
Also Called: Creative Team Manager
Advertising Director
Creative Director
Marketing Director
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