Transportation Engineer

Transportation engineers are civil engineers that focus on proposing and designing projects related to highways and other roadways as well as airports bus systems and railways. Often transportation engineers specialize in one of these areas. For example they might focus on highway needs after studying automobile traffic patterns or on bus lines that will service the greatest number of commuters. When developing plans transportation engineers must determine both the need for and cost of a project and whether the environmental conditions in the location of the proposed project are suitable. Transportation engineers are often in charge of calling for bids on the project and selecting the best one submitted. Many transportation engineers oversee the work once the project is approved in order to ensure that contractors are adhering to whatever codes are applicable. Transportation engineers must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. However some earn masters or even doctoral degrees which are definitely a requirement for academic positions that involve teaching and research. Most transportation engineers work for municipal county or state government agencies though some work for construction companies or private consulting firms. According to the website job prospects for transportation engineers are good and the median annual salary for this profession is approximately $64300 plus paid holidays and vacations health insurance and retirement plans. However those with extensive experience andor master’s degrees or higher can earn $95000 or more annually.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $79445
High Salary: $94660
Low Salary: $64230
Tasks: Designs highways and other transportation systems.
Supervises the construction of transportation systems.
Estimates the cost of transportation systems.
Studies vehicle and pedestrian traffic trends.
Also Called: Civil Engineer
Traffic Engineer
Construction Engineer
Highway Engineer
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