Railway Conductor

Railway conductorsyardmasters who are sometimes called “train conductors” or “yard conductors” work for railroads. In general their job is to facilitate the safe operation of the trains. They oversee all workers and all activities that take place in the rail yard. They give signals to train engineers about when it is safe for trains to enter or leave the train yard. They direct trains with cargo to special tracks where they can be unloaded and they give directions as to which cars should be moved assembled or disassembled. According to the website httprailroadjobs.com individuals who aspire to this position usually need a high school diploma or the equivalent with some classroom experience in electronics and shop. Railroads usually promote from within so new employees often start out working as brakemen or switchmen until they are thoroughly familiar with train operations. Larger railroads have their own training programs whereas regional railroads often send new employees to other facilities to get trained. Railway conductorsyardmasters are required to pass a physical exam and a criminal background check and they are screened for alcohol and drugs. In addition they must pass a test on railroad rules and procedures and they must demonstrate their knowledge of signals and timetables. While waiting for a full-time position to become available they often substitute for conductors who are on vacation or sick leave. Salaries for railroad workers depend on their specific responsibilities and years of service but starting hourly wages are between $15 and $18. The employment outlook for railway conductorsyardmasters is limited because fewer trains are running and most individuals already in these positions stay in them for years.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $34320
High Salary: $37440
Low Salary: $31200
Tasks: Supervises the workers and activities in the rail yard.
Collects passenger
Ensures safe operation of the train.
Inspects train cars to make sure they are safe.
Also Called: Road Conductor
Train Conductor
Road Service Conductor
Railroad Conductor
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