Passenger Service Representative

Passenger services representatives work for airlines bus and train companies and all other types of businesses that provide transportation services to customers. They are often referred to as “customer service representatives.” They typically work either in a call center where they take calls from passengers wishing to make travel reservations or they work in the location where the airplane bus train or other vehicle departs or arrives. According to the website passenger service representatives must be able to maintain a nice demeanor at all times despite the fact that customers sometimes call to complain about the service they received on a previous trip or about cancellations and delays that they experienced. When working in a call center environment passenger services representatives are usually situated in cubicles within large rooms where several other passenger service representatives are also located. When working on-site passenger service representatives must work in-person with customers and passengers. Some of their typical job duties include booking flights or planning transportation for customers assigning seats and printing or e-mailing boarding passes. They must have the appropriate knowledge to answer customer questions about schedules and fares and they must also know about safety regulations that must be relayed to passengers. The typical yearly salary for a passenger service representative is approximately $23320 and some also get reduced transportation fares as a benefit. The website states that passenger service representatives must have a minimum of a high school diploma.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $23320
High Salary: $25320
Low Salary: $21320
Tasks: Responds to passengers' questions and complaints.
Greets passengers.
Takes passengers' tickets.
Records the number of passengers on airplanes, trains or other vehicles.
Also Called: Airline Customer Service Representative
Reservations Representative
Transportation Attendant
Flight Attendant
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