Freight Inspector

Packing shipping and transporting freight is not as simple as loading cargo into a unit and sending the load on its way across the country or the world. The success of getting freight from one location to another without it breaking or spoiling is due in part to the work of a freight inspector. Some of the main job duties of a freight inspector include letting the crew that is driving shipping or flying the freight know whether the load is dangerous or flammable. They also check the temperature of the storage unit holding the freight to ensure that it is within the appropriate degree range. They make sure that freight is secured properly and that it will not shit during transportation and they also take measurements of the freight to verify that it will pass safely through tunnels over bridges and under overpasses during the freight’s anticipated travel route. The website says that freight inspectors must often work in locations such as warehouses shipping docks receiving rooms loading platforms and storage areas. Some of these areas are outdoors which means that freight inspectors are often exposed to cold hot wet and snowy weather. In order to become a freight inspector a minimum of a high school diploma or the equivalent must be earned. Several months of on-the-job training is also usually required before a freight inspector has enough knowledge to handle inspections independently. The salary range for freight inspectors is between $28310 and $65690 per year. Higher salaries are generally given to those with many years of experience.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $47000
High Salary: $65690
Low Salary: $28310
Tasks: Ensures that freight storage areas are the correct temperature.
Oversees the loading of freight.
Issues certificates of compliance.
Records descriptions of freight.
Also Called: Shipping Inspector
Loading Inspector
Cargo Inspector
Load-Out Inspector
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