Flight Attendant

Flight attendants make sure airplane passengers adhere to all safety regulations and they are in charge of creating a comfortable atmosphere during flights. The website httpcareerplanning.about.com lists specific tasks that flight attendants perform. With regard to safety they make sure that first-aid kits are on board that all emergency equipment is in working order and that passengers are instructed on how to use safety equipment. They also help passengers during emergencies report any medical problems passengers may experience check passengers’ tickets when they board and inform them how to store carryon luggage and check to make sure their seatbelts are buckled. With regard to creating a comfortable atmosphere they greet passengers answer questions about length of the flight reassure passengers when there is turbulence and offer passengers blankets pillows headsets beverages and food during the flight. The website www.snagajob.com says that aspiring flight attendants must be high school graduates 18 to 21 years of age or older and they must be in excellent health and have good interpersonal skills. Physical requirements include excellent corrected vision and no visible tattoos body piercings or unusual hairstyles. When applicants are hired airlines provide three to eight weeks of training in a flight training center. Flight attendants often work nights holidays and weekends but they usually spend no more than 12 hours a day on duty. Some time is spent in flight but they also spend a number of hours on the ground waiting for planes preparing the inside of the plane for passengers and writing reports. They are away from their home base about one-third of the time although airlines provide hotel accommodations and meal expenses. There is considerable competition for flight attendant jobs. The median annual salary is approximately $40000 but starting pay can be much lower.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $40000
High Salary: $50000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Makes sure airline passengers comply with safety regulations.
Instructs passengers of safety requirements.
Answers passenger questions about flights.
Distributes food and drinks to those on the flight.
Also Called: Stewardess
Flight Purser
Flight Safety Attendant
Additional Resources: http://www.snagajob.com/job-description/flight-attendant.aspx