Driving Instructor

While the skill of driving a vehicle may come easily for some most individuals need some sort of instruction in order to learn to drive and to earn a driver’s license. Many teenagers take a driver’s education class while they are in high school which is taught by a certified driving instructor. However those who wait until they are older before learning to drive usually hire a driving instructor to teach them how to operate a vehicle how to understand traffic signs and signals and how to drive safely and defensively. Driving instructors are usually employed by a school a commercial driving instruction company or they provide private driving lessons. Regardless they all have common goals to teach their students how to be the best drivers as possible. According to the website www.getmeacooljob.com driving instructors must be extremely knowledgeable about road safety they must be able to handle individuals who are nervous to drive for the first time and they must remain calm when sitting next to their students in moving vehicles as they learn to drive. Additionally they must have the ability to provide constructive criticism to their students in order to help them improve their driving skills. In order to become a driving instructor a high school diploma must be earned and most states also require an instructor’s license. However those who teach driver’s education in a high school setting must have a teaching certificate. The salary range for driving instructors according to www.payscale.com is $25319 to $37486 per year. Those who are certified driving instructors in high school generally earn closer to $46000 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Certificate/License
Avg Salary: $35659.5
High Salary: $46000
Low Salary: $25319
Tasks: Teaches students how to operate vehicles.
Knows the rules of the road.
Accompanies students in real-life driving situations.
Helps students study for written driving tests.
Also Called: Vehicle Operation Instructor
Motor Vehicle Instructor
Driving Teacher
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