Ticket Taker

Ticket takers both sell and collect tickets at amusement parks stadiums theaters and concert and lecture halls. They inspect tickets to make sure they are authentic and that nobody without a ticket gains entrance. In the rare cases of emergency ticket takers are expected to help patrons exit the venue in an orderly fashion. If there are medical emergencies during a performance they know how to call for help. In most instances however they punch tickets or tear them in half and then give them back to the ticket holder. They make sure patrons who leave the area are not readmitted unless they show their punched or torn tickets. They also direct patrons to the proper seating area and answer their questions about the locations of restrooms or concession stands. In small venues ticket takers may also sell souvenirs and refreshments. Being a ticket taker is often a part-time job which can be ideal for high school and college students. For the most part ticket takers can expect to work evenings weekends and holidays. If uniforms are required these are usually supplied by the employer. Ticket takers do most of their work when patrons first arrive and one advantage that may be a strong incentive for taking this job is that they usually get to attend events or performances free of charge. The website careers.stateuniversity.com says that full-time ticket takers usually need to have a high school diploma but once hired they get on-the-job training. It is important for them to be pleasant to patrons and also to be neatly dressed and well-groomed. Ticket takers earn a median hourly wage of $7.30 but t hose who are members of unions often make a higher wage and have benefits such as health insurance.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $17992
High Salary: $20800
Low Salary: $15184
Tasks: Sells and collects admissions tickets.
Looks at tickets to ensure they are valid.
Tells patrons how to find the correct theater.
Helps people find seats at events and shows.
Also Called: Usher
Lobby Attendant
Box Office Attendant
Ticket Seller
Additional Resources: http://job-descriptions.careerplanner.com/Ushers,-Lobby-Attendants,-and-Ticket-Takers.cfm