Technical Director

Technical directors work within the theatrical music and stage performance industries. They are experts at setting up all of the technical operations for live productions including lighting sound and all types of technical equipment used to enhance a stage performance. Additionally they often oversee the design and construction of sets. Technical directors who are often referred to as “TDs” must be creative analytical and have high levels of technical expertise. According to the website technical directors supervise the technical equipment used during a production oversee the design and set-up of a production’s lighting and sound systems determine how to achieve technical goals while at the same time adhering to a budget and hire assistants and a technical crew to install maintain and operate a production’s technical equipment before during and after a performance. The website states that technical directors are highly concerned about safety issues that revolve around a stage production such as the careful installation of electrical wires lights backdrops and moving props. Technical directors are responsible for attending performance rehearsals in order to make adjustments andor changes to the production’s technical aspects. Additionally technical directors must be able to calmly and efficiently handle and fix any technical mishap that may occur before or during a production. The website says that while a bachelor’s degree in the field of technical theatre is useful for this profession on-the-job experience is more important than a formal education. Many technical directors obtain their jobs by starting as a low-level theatrical professional and working their way up to the position of a technical director after gaining many years of experience. The website states that the average yearly salary for a technical director is $49000 but salaries can be much higher for technical directors who work for theatrical institutions for example on Broadway in New York City.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $81500
High Salary: $114000
Low Salary: $49000
Tasks: Oversees the technical operations of a live or filmed performance.
Oversees a production's technical crew.
Supervises set construction.
Adheres to safety and budget restrictions.
Also Called: Technical Manager
Production Manager
Theatre Director
Special Effects Director
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