Stunt Co-Ordinator

In movies theatrical performances and television programs there is often a need for people to perform stunts which are sometimes dangerous feats that look realistic to viewers. Examples of stunts include being involved in car crashes explosions fires dives and falls and from high places. Although precautions are taken to minimize the physical risk to stunt performers there is no question that they are dangerous activities. Stunt performers are both actors and athletes and the stunt coordinator is the person in charge of finding and hiring stunt performers who have the necessary skills and whose looks and body types are similar to those of the actors that they impersonate. People who love athletics and are experienced in gymnastics martial arts or other physical sports and challenges are often qualified to work as stunt coordinators. However before qualifying for this job individuals must either be involved in performing stunts themselves or must have a good track record as a stunt performer. Most stunt coordinators have had five to 10 years of experience as stunt performers with a resume and video illustrations demonstrating their talent. Stunt performers as well as stunt coordinators are usually members of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and stunt coordinators are also members of the Directors Guild of America. According to the website stunt coordinators are responsible for determining the safest way a stunt can be performed and what type of setup and materials will be needed. They select stunt performers who are qualified and then negotiate with producers on how much these stunt performers will be paid which depends on factors such as the number complexity and risk involved in the stunts they are hired to do. Depending on the production and the employer stunt coordinators can earn salaries between $7500 and $100000 annually.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $53750
High Salary: $100000
Low Salary: $7500
Tasks: Arranges the casting of stunt doubles.
Choreographs stunts for television, movies, or theater.
Ensures that dangerous scenes look real.
Sets up stunts.
Also Called: Stunt Performer
Stunt Man
Stunt Director
Stunt Choreographer
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