Studio Camera Operator

A studio camera operator is often called a “television camera operator” or “video camera operator.” These professionals work in a studio setting and work together with producers directors other camera operators and assistant camera operators to produce recorded images for the purposes of a television broadcast the production of movie or to film and relay news to an audience. The role of a studio camera operator is usually more complex than simply pressing “record” on a camera. According to the website a studio camera operator must usually get recording equipment set up and ready for a filming discuss the best angles and lighting for particular scenes with the director of the production become familiar with a script plan shots discuss varying angles with other studio camera operators and be ready to quickly fix equipment that is not working properly. Studio camera operators must also be willing and able to communicate effectively with other members of the studio production crew the actors or those being filmed and the production staff. While there is not a specific educational requirement for a career as a studio camera operator most have achieved a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a field related to cinematography or broadcast journalism. Some studio camera operators learn their technical skills through on-the-job training but most choose the path of a formal education. The website lists the salary range for a studio camera operator between $37340 and $75956 per year.

Education Required: Bachelor's Degree
Avg Salary: $56648
High Salary: $75956
Low Salary: $37340
Tasks: Follows a camera script.
Sets up camera equipment prior to filming.
Maintains camera equipment.
Takes instructions from a director.
Also Called: Videographer
Video Operator
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