For theater productions as well as movies someone must work behind the scenes to build the set and place props in the correct spots. Stagehands most commonly work in theaters but they are also employed at television and film studios or for companies that make commercials. In general they work to set things up before a production begins and dismantle the set when it is over. They must be strong and physically fit because they are often required to lift and move heavy objects and props such as large pieces of furniture onto and off of the set. They also hang backdrops and sometimes they help with lighting. They repair any part of the set that may become damaged or soiled during the course of the production. At the end of the production they help remove the set and make sure items are stored safely so that they will be available for another production. Although there is no formal requirement for this career most employers want stagehands to have a high school diploma or the equivalent. Some stagehands belong to unions in which case they usually work on a team and are responsible for one type of task. Non-union stagehands often work on several different tasks. The website says that stagehands earn about $500 a week. However their income can be considerably higher if they are working for a New York City production company or on Hollywood movie set or if they have high-level skills in carpentry or electrical work. In some cases part of a stagehand’s pay may be based on a percentage of the profits earned by the production.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $26000
High Salary: $29000
Low Salary: $23000
Tasks: Helps construct theatrical sets.
Works behind-the-scenes.
Keeps track of props.
Moves scenery and equipment.
Also Called: Props Person
Stage Technician
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