Sports Official

Formal sports games must be officiated by a trained skilled and knowledgeable sports official who is often called an “umpire” or a “referee.” Sports officials have several responsibilities including maintaining extensive knowledge of game rules and being able to observe live games and notice when a player violates a rule. Sports officials make calls on plays while at the same time implement the rules and regulations of a game by enforcing penalties. Because most sports games take place on a playing field or court sports officials must be in excellent physical condition so they can closely follow players around to ensure that no rules are broken. Besides enforcing rules sports officials are often responsible for judging and calling certain plays. For example a sports official is responsible for declaring a “ball” or a “strike” in a game of baseball. According to sports officials must often deal with highly stressful situations because sports games can become physically challenging and can also involve arguments and even fights amongst players parents of players and even fans. Because sports officials work at all playing levels ranging from young children’s teams to professional sports leagues sports officials must know how to handle players from all club rankings. In order to become a sports official it is not necessary to have a formal education higher than a high school diploma or the equivalent but when officiating for teams at the high school level or higher it is often necessary to pass a “rules of the game” examination. Sports officials who want to work at the college level in the minor leagues or for a professional sports organization may be required to obtain a certificate and also attend professional sports officiating school. The website lists the mean salary for a sports official at $27850 per year. However sports officials who work for professional sports organizations earn a significantly higher yearly salary.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $27850
High Salary: $29850
Low Salary: $25850
Tasks: Officiates sporting events.
Observes games for rule violations.
Makes official game calls.
Has expert knowledge of game rules.
Also Called: Referee
Sports Referee
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