Sound Mixer

A sound mixer who is sometimes referred to as a “sound engineer” or “sound technician” has the responsibility of mixing sounds and sound effects into recorded music television shows and movies and live performances. They often work collaboratively with other sound professionals such as recording mixers foley artists sound designers and boom operators. According to sound mixers run sound boards during live performances and they are also responsible for obtaining top-notch recordings of a live performance so that the recordings can be edited and mixed with other sound and sound effects for post-production purposes. Because sound mixers must usually be present at performances and live recording sessions they do not always have a typical work schedule. They must be available to attend long-lasting events which may take place during late-night hours and on weekends. The website states that sound mixers must have good hearing skills and they must be extremely detail-oriented. They also must know how to handle the personalities of recording or performance artists and they must have the ability to get along with and work well with other members of the sound crew. Because sound mixers are sometimes responsible for the overall sound that is produced during a recording or a live performance they must be experts at using all types of sound mixing equipment as well as recording devices. The minimum educational requirement for a sound mixer is a high school diploma but many choose to advance their formal learning experience by taking classes related to sound recording and sound mixing. Most skills for this profession however are learned through on-the-job experience. According to the average yearly salary for a sound mixer ranges from $25958 to $82506 per year. The exact salary depends on the employer the experience level of the sound mixer and the specific job duties.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $54232
High Salary: $82506
Low Salary: $25958
Tasks: Mixes sound effects into pre-recorded soundtracks.
Manages sound boards.
Engineers sound for live musical performances.
Ensures overall sound mixing quality for an event or production.
Also Called: Sound Engineer
Sound Technician
Recording Mixer
Sound Designer
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