Sound Effects Editor

A sound effects editor is the person responsible for adding deleting and manipulating sound effects in movies television shows commercials stage productions musical concerts and radio shows. Some of the types of sounds they may work into a production or show include the sound of rain and thunder the sound of one person hitting another person the sound of a dog barking or the sound of clapping and laughing. In the event of a live production a sound effects editor must work behind the scenes to ensure that sounds are interjected at the exact correct moment so that the audience hears them at the right time. Sound effects editors also work in the post-production realm. When working on a post-production piece a sound effects editor works to edit the sound in a scene. They add enhance or delete sounds to make the scene seem more realistic. When adding sound the sound effects editor must carefully observe the scene and ensure that sound is added at the exact right moment. For example when a scene depicts a person walking with high heeled shoes across a wooden floor the footstep sounds that are added must exactly coincide with the walking pattern of the actor. In order to succeed in this profession a sound effects editor must have several specific personality traits. They must be extremely detail-oriented patient and have the ability to understand and utilize sound machinery and equipment. Additionally they must be able to problem-solve and work their way through sometimes difficult requests from producers and directors. Many aspiring sound effects editors obtain their first sound effects editing experience through volunteer work or internships and then start their professional career with low-level paid positions. Eventually they work their way up to positions with more responsibility. However it helps to have a minimum of an associate’s degree in the field of broadcasting or technology from a community college. According the average yearly salary for a sound effects editor is approximately $43010.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $43010
High Salary: $53010
Low Salary: $33010
Tasks: Produces artificial sounds.
Pieces sound together to create various effects.
Operates machines that create sounds.
Has expert knowledge of all post production sound equipment.
Also Called: Sound Technician
Sound Engineering Technician
Sound Editor
Sound Mixer
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