Props Person

A props person usually works in the artistic department of a film set or theater company. A props person who is sometimes called a “props master” or “props manager” oversees and cares for all props that will be used on a set whether they are bought rented or constructed. They make sure props are acquired and set up in a timely manner. The website says that a props person often starts out working in a low level job in the art department of a film production office which introduces them to what is expected of people that work in various production departments. Then they move up to serving as assistants to the head props person where they can learn more about the ins and outs of a prop person’s job. A props person must be very detail oriented but also they must have a good artistic sense. They often experience crises when a prop is lost or damaged so they must be capable of remaining calm while they figure out what to substitute. The props person is responsible for reading the script for the film or play and constructing a complete list of what props will be needed after consulting with the stage or film manager. It is important to that the props person knows what is in the props inventory to determine whether any props in storage will be suitable or whether new props must be acquired. If purchase is necessary the props person must stick to a budget. If props must be built the props person consults with the shop staff and oversees the process to ensure that the props are constructed with the correct specifications. If props are rented the props person must return them as soon as the production is over. According to the website salaries for props persons range from approximately $28000 to approximately $51500.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $40781
High Salary: $51462
Low Salary: $30100
Tasks: Plans and manages a props budget.
Assists with designing a production's set.
Works to acquire needed props.
Oversees props storage.
Also Called: Props Master
Props Manager
Props Planner
Props Designer
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