Producer for Theater & Film

Film and theatre productions could not be successful without the help of the professionals who are responsible for the business and practical aspects of each production. That is exactly the role that film and theatre producers play. Film and theatre producers select the productions that will end up in movie theatres or on stage in live theatres. They read scripts and determine whether the film or the play is a worthwhile undertaking. If it appears that the project will be financially feasible and profitable they create a budget and hire a creative team including a director a cast and all technicians that will be needed. When there is not a prior budget or subsidy producers search for investors to finance the project. Theatre producers determine ticket prices as well as the dates and places where live productions will be shown or put on. They are in charge of the advertising for which they may hire a publicist or a marketing team. They also make sure the film or play is produced on schedule. Once production is complete they keep track of cash flow and solve any problems that arise at any point. They book venues where the film or play will be shown or staged and if travel is involved they make the arrangements. They also work with professional publicists before the film or theatre production is to debut. The website says that producers must have a detailed understanding of the pre-and post-production stages of films or plays. Many start out as technicians and move up to assistant directors before they assume the role of producers. According to the website earnings for this profession vary widely depending on location experience and type and size of the theatre or film company. Film and theatre producers earn approximately $38600 and $75052 annually.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $56813
High Salary: $75052
Low Salary: $38574
Tasks: Arranges for financing of a production.
Deals with the business side of a production.
Edits scripts.
Ensures that a production sticks to a budget.
Also Called: Movie Producer
Film Director
Technical Director
Theatre Administrator
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