Models pose for artists photographers and television cameras or they appear live in front of audiences. Artist models work for painters sculptors and photographers or they are employed by art schools. They often pose wearing little or no clothing and must hold the same position for extended periods of time. Fashion models pose for clothing manufacturers and stores wearing clothes or accessories such as hats gloves or handbags. They help their employers sell items similar to those they are modeling. Photographic fashion models work for advertising agencies or freelance photographers. Most models must be tall slim and attractive in order to can show off products in a marketable way in photos published in magazines advertisements. Youth is highly valued in this type of modeling so these models have limited careers. Live fashion models not only wear clothing and accessories but they walk and move around in front of an audience to display items in the best possible light. They are paid less than photographic models but their careers have greater longevity because they can model items appropriate for their age. Fashion models can be male or female but females tend to earn more. According to the website fit models are used by manufacturers that are designing items and must determine how they will look on real people. Fit models earn less than fashion models but have steadier work and the physical requirements are less stringent. To become a model there is no set educational requirement but a high school diploma is often preferred. Some attend modeling schools to learn how to apply makeup and improve their posture. Earnings in the modeling profession vary widely depending on type of modeling employer and hourly wage. According to the website the median annual wage for models is approximately $45000.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $45000
High Salary: $60000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Poses for photographs.
Appears in advertisements.
Displays the latest fashions or accessories.
Promotes the items that they model.
Also Called: Fashion Model
Glamour Model
Bikini Model
Print Model
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