Magicians perform tricks and create optical illusions for the entertainment all age groups. Magicians must be good actors to successfully maintain the interest and attention of their audiences as they are performing tricks such as such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat or making a handkerchief disappear. The website says that most magicians have a high school diploma. There are no strict educational requirements for this career although some magicians have college degrees in fields such as drama or communication. Many magicians are naturally talented but even so they must spend time and effort to develop their craft. There are training courses where aspiring magicians can learn new tricks to incorporate in their magic act. Experience is important and each magician needs to practice in order to develop a routine that is unique and interesting but also one that evolves over time to stay fresh. However interpersonal skills are just as important because magicians must be able to connect with their audiences and create an atmosphere of excitement. Magicians that are more established may have their own show and even their own auditorium where audiences can come to see their act. Others work for entertainment companies or are hired by the job which often requires them to travel to different locations to put on a show. Demand for magicians depends on the economy. When people have little disposable income they are less likely to pay for a magic show. The average annual income for magicians is approximately $49000. However this amount assumes full-time work and many magicians work part-time earn less and usually do not receive any job-related benefits. However many part-time magicians have college degrees in unrelated fields and practice magic as a side career.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $49000
High Salary: $59000
Low Salary: $39000
Tasks: Performs magic tricks in front of an audience.
Knows how to create optical illusions.
Has a repertoire of tricks.
Travels to different performance venues.
Also Called: Performer
Stage Performer
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