An illusionist is a type of entertainer who may be referred to as a “magician.” They normally perform on stage in front of a large audience. Unlike magicians who perform specific tricks illusionists utilize the entire room to create special effects and larger-than-life deceptions. Illusionists are able to trick their audience into thinking that things disappear before their eyes that things are floating or that things mysteriously move from one spot to another. According to the website while it takes a high level of skill to become a well-known illusionist the underlying talent they must possess is the ability to misdirect an audience into focusing on one spot or on one object while the illusion is actually being set up in another location. When the illusionist then draws the audience’s attention to the trick the audience is amazed. It can take many years to develop the expertise needed to misdirect an audience’s attention but once the skill is mastered illusionists can perform in venues such auditoriums on the Las Vegas Strip or in New York City where patrons are willing to spend a considerable amount of money on tickets to shows. While there is not a specific educational requirement to become an illusionist in order to make it big in this industry skills must be developed over time with the help of training courses and practice. The website lists the average yearly salary for an illusionist at $49000 per year. However illusionists that make a name for themselves and are well-known in the entertainment realm can make significantly higher salaries.

Education Required: High School Diploma and Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $49000
High Salary: $59000
Low Salary: $39000
Tasks: Performs on stage to entertain an audience.
Uses different types of equipment to accomplish illusions.
Portrays that they have supernatural powers.
Rehearses their act so that it is performed with perfection.
Also Called: Performer
Optical Illusionist
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