According to the website gaffers who are also known as chief lighting technicians are responsible for the all power and electricity functions that are necessary for filming a movie or for producing a program for television. They are the ones who design the lighting and control it in order to create special effects. For example they may be asked to create certain kinds of shadows or perhaps to arrange the lighting to show a transformation of daytime into night. Also they may be asked to create flicker to convey movement in a car airplane or subway. For movies they work directly under a director of photography and for television they report directly to the lighting director. Gaffers usually communicate with cinematographers before a production starts to determine what the electrical needs will be for the set and they line up any special equipment or extra power sources that may be called for. They are expected to own a truck where they store special lighting equipment as well as gels and other materials that can create the illusion of light or color. They are the ones who are in charge when there is more than one lighting technician. The website says that gaffers usually get most of their training on the job often starting out at a lower level such as electrical lighting technician or “rigger” where they learn how to actually set up and place lights. A gaffer can earn anywhere from $20000 to $60000 annually depending on location years of experience and exact nature of the job.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $40000
High Salary: $60000
Low Salary: $20000
Tasks: Designs and executes light for a production.
Heads a theatrical electrical department.
Knows how to achieve special effects with lighting.
Works with cinematographers to achieve specific moods and illusions.
Also Called: Chief Lighting Technician
Chief Electrician
Electrical Best Boy
Lamp Operator
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