Director – Film & Television

A film and television director essentially heads up the production unit that is involved in shooting a film or taping a television show. Directors have an artistic role in creating the final product but they also have managerial responsibilities.

According to the website directors are the creative force behind films and television shows. They choose the location of the setting and in conjunction with the producer they make hiring decisions as well as decisions about the details of each scene including the camera angles and actors' gestures.

In addition they have managerial responsibilities because throughout the entire process of making the film or television show they coach the actors camera operators and all other members of the crew. Most directors specialize in either film or television because they must be familiar with all the technical ins and outs of producing one or the other. For filming they devise a shooting schedule so they must have a realistic idea of how much can be accomplished each day given the budget limitations.

The director checks on what has been filmed each day and decides whether or not to reshoot the scene. With television the director usually makes any edits during the actual taping session using headsets to communicate with the camera operators. There are no formal educational requirements for aspiring directors but many attend college or film schools that offer directing opportunities and classes on the technical skills they will need. The employment prospects for this career are good and the median annual salary is approximately $53000.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $53000
High Salary: $63000
Low Salary: $43000
Tasks: Establishes a good working relationship with actors.
Understands production technical issues.
Directs actors.
Chooses locations and settings for scenes.
Also Called: Film and Television Producer
Executive Producer
Executive Director
Production Director
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