The desire to become a professional dancer usually begins at a relatively young age. Some aspiring professional dancers begin their training as young as age 5 and must start training at the latest by their teenage years. When dancers are still young they can work for several venues including dance companies motion picture production companies television productions advertising mediums such as advertising commercials the music industry theatrical companies and in dance studios.

Some dancers work as teachers in public or private schools or they give independent dance lessons. In order to succeed as a professional performance dancer its important to have a passion for dancing and be willing to train for a minimum of eight hours a day throughout the life of their career. Additionally an innate talent and extreme sense of coordination will help a dancer succeed and achieve professional success.

Many dancing jobs require auditions and only the most talented are selected. Once a job is obtained it normally requires extensive time in rehearsals and late working hours because productions often take place in the afternoon or during the evening. This career can be extremely exhausting both physically and mentally and many dancers do not continue performing after the age of 30 or 40. However a dancers career does not have to stop once the desire to perform on stage ends. Many older dancers go on to become private dance teachers or they work as choreographers for professional dance production companies.

While many colleges and universities offer degrees in dancing a formal degree is not required for this career. What matters most is the number of years spent training and the personal talent a dancer has.

According to the average salary for a professional dancer is between $12880 and $53350.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $33115
High Salary: $53350
Low Salary: $12880
Tasks: Performs on stage.
Gives dancing lessons.
Rehearses many hours per day.
Requires late working hours.
Also Called: Ballerina
Modern Dancer
Ballroom Dancer
Dance Performer
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