Dance Instructor

Not all dancers aspire to perform on stage or in public. Instead many dancers simply enjoy the act of dancing and choose to pursue careers as dance instructors. Or dancers who have worked as performers and who have retired from a stage career sometimes continue working as instructors to both children as well as adults looking to advance their dancing skills.

Dance instructors not only teach their students dance techniques but they also teach students how to recognize musical rhythm the history of dance and the theories related to dancing.

According to some dance instructors teach in schools and colleges some work as ballroom dance instructors and others work as choreographers. While there is no educational requirement to become a professional dancer if a dance instructor wants to work in a public school a teaching certificate must be earned. Additionally working for a college or university usually also requires formal teaching credentials.

If not employed full time at a public or private school many dance instructors work part time teaching classes on the weekends or during evening hours through recreation centers or other facilities that offer dance classes to the public. The average salary for a dance instructor according to is about $17 per hour which equates to $35360 if they were working a full time schedule.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $35360
High Salary: $45360
Low Salary: $25360
Tasks: Teaches dance techniques.
Studies the history of dance.
Works as a dance choreographer
Enjoys helping others learn how to dance.
Also Called: Dance Teacher
Dance Coach
Dance Choreographer
Dance Historian
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