Costume Attendant

Individuals who want to pursue a career in performing arts can consider starting out as costume attendants. Even though this is an entry level job the work of costume attendants is extremely important in guaranteeing polished and problem-free productions. Costume attendants manage the dressing room area and assist performers with selecting and putting on their costumes. They make sure costumes are in good repair and fit properly.

In large productions costume attendants may be assigned to one performer but in smaller productions they may be in charge of all of the performers. Costume attendants make sure costumes are cleaned and pressed after each show. When performers must change costumes during the course of the production costume attendants make sure the costumes are organized in the proper order.

After the show costume attendants make sure costumes are stored properly or returned to the proper source if they have been rented. In addition to managing outfits that performers wear costume attendants may also be responsible for other details on the set such as draperies or table cloths. Many costume attendants have college degrees in theater or design but experience is the determining factor in getting a job in this field.

Beginning costume attendants who prove to be skilled often move into supervisory positions or are given greater artistic responsibility selecting the costumes performers wear rather than just insuring costumes are in good repair.

The website says that costume attendants are usually paid an hourly wage with a median of $12.04. The majority of costume attendants are hired on an as-needed basis to help during a show's run so their jobs may last well under a year.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $25043
High Salary: $30043
Low Salary: $20043
Tasks: Help performers manage their costumes.
Selects, fits and takes care of costumes.
Arranges costumes in the correct order.
Cleans costumes before and after performances.
Also Called: Costume Manager
Costume Organizer
Wardrobe Room Attendant
Wardrobe Manager
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