Buskers also known as street performers are individuals who practice their art by performing on the streets generally where there is heavy pedestrian traffic. Such street performing often called busking is intended to capture the attention and entertain passers-by or tourists with an enjoyable form of art.

A busker can practice any number of art-they are musicians comedians jugglers clowns actors dancers acrobats clowns magicians snake charmers fortune tellers sidewalk artists mimes and balloon sculptors. This type of entertaining is not professionally organized and buskers do not charge a set price. They do not ask for payment but will gladly accept it.

Because the income buskers receive is usually cash there is no concrete salary information available for this career. How talented buskers are at their form of art as well as how skilled they are at interacting with the audience they attract can affect how many tips they are given. In any case the amount of tips they collect can vary greatly from day to day depending on the weather as well as the density and generosity of passersby.

According to Buskerworld.com a common misconception is that buskers are panhandlers or beggars. Actually buskers perform because they want to share their artistic talents and in some cases want to test their artistic skills by rehearsing in front of an audience. Some buskers go on to have distinguished careers in their art.

Education Required: High School Diploma
Avg Salary: $29120
High Salary: $41600
Low Salary: $16640
Tasks: Entertains by performances on the street.
Earns money from audience tips.
Wants to share artistic talents via outdoor performances.
Engages their audience with spectacular and unique performances.
Also Called: Street Performer
Performance Artist
Additional Resources: http://www.buskerworld.com/what_is_busking.html