The first step to becoming a professional actor is having a serious desire to perform in front of groups. Actors typically perform on stage act for television shows or commercials or hold another type of acting position in the entertainment industry. Once the decision has been made to pursue an acting career formal training is usually pursued. While some actors can rely on their innate talent or previous experience to obtain acting jobs most choose to enter formal training programs either at specialized acting schools or through college and university programs.  Get a degree in acting.

Some of the downfalls of an acting career include difficulty finding work fierce competition for a role a high level of rejection and the need to hold other temporary employment in between acting jobs. However the upside to a career as an actor is the potential to become a well-known and well-paid star.

Some of the fields besides television stage and the movies in which actors work include working on cruise ships performing at theme parks and making appearances at nightclubs. An acting career can be stressful but rewarding. The highest causes of stress are the need to constantly look for new work and the need to perform perfectly while on stage or in front of the camera. Nonetheless a successful acting career can lead to future work as a director producer radio personality or any other type of performance artist. Normally actors enjoy performing in front of others and they get true satisfaction out of pleasing an audience.

According to the combination of actors producers and directors in 2004 filled more than 150000 jobs in the United States. However there are many other positions in the acting industry besides the roles of actor producer and director. Most acting jobs in the United States exist in Southern California and New York City and the average salary that an actor earns can vary greatly depending on the job but averages around $23470 per year.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $66799
High Salary: $117478
Low Salary: $16120
Tasks: Performs on stage.
Auditions for television shows and commercials
Works in nightclubs, on cruise ships, or in theme parks.
Has a serious desire to perform in front of large groups.
Also Called: Drama
Stage Performer
Movie Star
Performance Artist
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