Acting Teacher

There are thousands upon thousands of people who aspire to become professional actors but would never be able achieve their goals without the help of a talented and dedicated acting teacher. An acting teacher is sometimes called a drama teacher or a theatrical coach and must be skilled in many areas besides simply teaching acting skills on a stage.

Besides teaching acting a professional acting teacher typically must be expertly skilled at assisting students with how to study scripts being able to give advice on how to succeed at auditions teaching singing and dancing and giving critical advice on where students need to make improvements. The average salary for an acting teacher is $42000 but this number can vary greatly depending on the city and the professional level of the students.

An acting teacher in Hollywood California for example who is coaching students who are auditioning for television shows will earn a significantly higher salary than those living in non-metropolitan areas who are working with young children interested in learning the basics of theatrical performances.

There are several career options for acting teachers ranging from working in a public school system to owning a private business. Acting teachers may also specialize in one specific area such as coaching students on voice clarity or voice projection or they may teach a broad range of topics covering everything from the history of drama script reading set building designing costumes acting techniques and the actual producing of plays.

While a college degree in acting is not required for this career a successful acting teacher must have extensive experience in the theatrical field gained from education professional familiarity and person knowledge of the industry.  Why not consider getting a degree in teaching.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $52013.5
High Salary: $65830
Low Salary: $38197
Tasks: Teaches acting skills on a stage.
Skilled at assisting students with how to study scripts.
Gives advice on how to succeed at auditions.
Coaches students on how to make improvements.
Also Called: Drama Teacher
Theatrical Coach
Acting Coach
Talent Agent
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