Remote Sensing Technician

The job of a remote sensing (“RS”) technician is to interpret data collected by photographs radar systems and other types of remote sensing equipment and use the data to generate maps and surveys of the earth. However remote sensing technology is also used to generate information related to planets and other matter that exists in outer space. Remote sensing technicians sometimes use multiple images of a specific location taken years apart to compare and contrast how the environment has changed in those specific spots over the years. Remote sensing technicians do not work alone when compiling data and generating images. Instead they are important members of a team consisting of land surveyors aerial surveyors cartographers geologists and photogrammetrists. Some of the typical job responsibilities of a remote sensing technician include collecting information from remote sensing equipment developing maps preparing images and verifying the accuracy of collected data. According to the website an abundance of remote sensing information is gathered from satellites and aircraft designed to collect mapping information. The most common employers of remote sensing technicians include various governmental agencies mapping firms and industries which focus on preservation of the environment and global warming. An advanced degree in the field of cartography or remote sensory technology is required for this profession. Degrees can be achieved at the community college or bachelor’s degree level. The website lists the average yearly salary for a remote sensing technician between $30967 and $42729.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $36848
High Salary: $42729
Low Salary: $30967
Tasks: Operates remote sensing equipment.
Collect data related to specific land features.
Examines and interprets data in order to prepare maps.
Writes reports based on information collected via remote sensors.
Also Called: Aerial Survey Technician
Cartographic Technician
Mapping Technician
Geographic Information Systems Technician
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