Quality Control Tech

Quality control technicians who are sometimes called “quality assurance technicians” work in manufacturing and commercial industries. They check to make sure that the products being manufactured meet national and international quality and safety standards. Their exact duties can vary but examples of their responsibilities include observing workers to make sure they are following safety and sanitary guidelines checking for faults in the production process testing samples of products to insure they fall within the required guidelines of purity making sure products are labeled accurately and inspecting final products to detect any defects. In some cases quality control technicians handle customer complaints and notify managers. Food and children’s toys are among the items tested by quality control technicians who guard against contaminated or faulty products that could be dangerous to consumers. Individuals who select this career must be highly detail-oriented and familiar with basic engineering concepts capable of using equipment to make accurate measurements able to use spreadsheets to keep track of data and adept at communicating with other members of their quality control team. According to the website httpeducation-portal.com employers usually require applicants for quality control technician positions to have a minimum of a two-year associates degree from programs at community colleges or technical institutes that have been accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering Technology (ABET). Those already employed can take an exam to become certified as quality technicians by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) if they have four years of post-secondary education and sufficient on-the-job experience. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts average growth in these jobs. Earnings depend on the individuals’ education experience and the industry for which they work but range from $30000 to $40000 annually.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $35000
High Salary: $40000
Low Salary: $30000
Tasks: Tests products to ensure their quality.
Keeps track of customer complaints about products.
Compiles reports related to product quality issues.
Observes the manufacturing process to verity that procedures run smoothly.
Also Called: Quality Assurance Technician
Standards Control Technician
Product Control Inspector
Manufacturing Control Technician
Additional Resources: http://education-portal.com/articles/Quality_Control_Technician_Job_Description_and_Info_About_a_Career_in_Quality_Control_Technology.html