Petroleum Tech

Petroleum technicians who are also commonly called “geological technicians” and “drilling technicians” sometimes work indoors in laboratories but usually spend their workdays outdoors working at petroleum drilling and production sites. They are members of a team of scientists geologists and engineers who study measure and analyze physical and geological conditions. This data they collect is used to prepare for the mining process. They use computers robotics and engineering equipment to collect samples from oil and gas wells so they can determine the petroleum content and mineral composition. Petroleum technicians often specialize in a particular area of the petroleum mining industry. For example some specialize in drilling operations and others specialize in monitoring production facilities. Other specializations include analyzing rock cuttings and preparing wells for drilling. The website says that at least a high school diploma or the equivalent is required for all types of petroleum technician jobs but for some specialties a bachelor’s degree is needed. The website says that technical and community colleges have associate’s degree programs in science and mathematics which can be beneficial or this job. However those with bachelor’s degrees in science including experience in laboratories will have more employment opportunities. According to the website annual salaries for petroleum technicians average around $43750. The amount they earn depends on their geographic location experience and education but petroleum technicians working in remote areas andor under severe weather conditions and those employed by major oil companies are usually paid at the higher end of the scale.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $38750
High Salary: $43750
Low Salary: $33750
Tasks: Collects and examines geological data.
Assists in oil and gas exploration operations.
Tests the conditions of oil drilling rigs.
Helps conduct research to develop new petroleum products.
Also Called: Geological Technician
Science Technician
Geophysical Technician
Petroleum Engineering Technician
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