Metallurgical Technologist

The job of a metallurgical technologist is to work directly with metallurgical engineers materials engineers and metallurgical scientists to determine new and improved ways to use manipulate and develop metal ores into needed and useful products. The iron and steel industries are the largest employers of metallurgical technologists but other employers include those related to the aluminum and copper industries. Most metallurgical technologists work in a laboratory setting where they conduct research on various types of metal ore samples. Some however work in production plants where they oversee the processing of metal ore. Those who work in the research realm must possess a high level of concern for preserving the environment. They work to determine ways of producing metal products with as little of an impact on nature as possible. Often metallurgical technologists start their careers as metallurgical technicians and over time they advance their careers by learning how to conduct more complex testing. Eventually many technicians become technologists. However it is possible to enter directly into a technologist position if the correct educational background has been achieved. Typically metallurgical technologists are required to have a minimum of an associate’s degree with coursework in science math materials and metallurgical engineering. The website states that the median salary for a metallurgical technologist is approximately $43400 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $43400
High Salary: $46400
Low Salary: $40400
Tasks: Develops new types of metals.
Finds new uses for existing metals.
Determines new ways to recycle metals.
Assists with the development and production of metal goods.
Also Called: Metallurgical Engineer
Materials Science Technologist
Metallurgical Technician
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