Mechanical Engineering Technologist

The job of a mechanical engineering technologist is to work directly with mechanical engineers mechanical technicians and customers who have requested that specific mechanical devices be developed. According to the typical types of businesses that require the help of mechanical engineering technologists are those in the mining industry the manufacturing industry and the processing industry. When a mechanical device is requested by a customer a mechanical engineering technologist works with mechanical engineers on the design and development of the equipment. After the initial development mechanical engineering technologists then determine how the equipment should be modified or perfected so that any obvious or potential problems with the machine can be prevented or eliminated. Mechanical engineering technologists also consistently inspect monitor and test machinery to ensure that it is functioning properly and to its highest potential. Because mechanical engineering technologists often work closely with large and potentially dangerous machinery they must adhere to strict safety precautions at all times. Some of the most important personal characteristics for a mechanical engineering technologist to have include a desire to work with highly technical machinery an ability to observe complex equipment and determine where problems exist and the skill to worth both independently and as part of a team. Most mechanical engineering technologists enroll in either an associate’s degree program or a bachelor’s degree program that offers a major or an emphasis in mechanical engineering technology. The website reports that the salary range for a mechanical engineering technologist is between $31630 and $73450 per year depending on experience and the specific industry in which they work.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $52540
High Salary: $73450
Low Salary: $31630
Tasks: Aids in the creation of new mechanical devices.
Conducts experiments with mechanical equipment.
Helps to create machinery that can be sold to customers.
Sets up new equipment and conducts inspections.
Also Called: Mechanical Engineering Technician
Industrial Engineering Technologist
Machinery Technologist
Civil Engineering Technologist
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