Mechanical Engineering Tech

Mechanical engineering technicians work with mechanical engineers scientists machine designers mechanical engineering technologists and machinists on all aspects of the research design development maintenance and repair of machinery tools engines and all types of industrial equipment. Because the mechanical engineering field is so broad the responsibilities of technicians can range from working with very small parts and pieces that make up complicated engines or equipment to large components found on heavy construction equipment. The possible working conditions for mechanical engineering technicians are as broad as their potential job responsibilities. For example some may work in an office setting and others may work in a manufacturing plant. No matter where they work however most work approximately 40 hours per week. For those technicians who work in the production realm some of working hours are on the weekends or at night. Usually mechanical engineering technicians specialize in one technical branch. Some of the most popular specializations include maintaining industrial machinery designing and developing tools drawing and drafting for new product development testing equipment and estimating costs for making improvements to existing machinery. Because mechanical engineering technicians work as part of a large team the need for good communication skills is essential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that most employers prefer to hire mechanical engineering technicians who have earned an associate’s degree in the field of engineering technology. However some without an associate’s degree can still find employment but will have to learn skills through on-the-job training. reports that the median salary for a mechanical engineering technician is approximately $48970 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $48970
High Salary: $51970
Low Salary: $45970
Tasks: Assists in the construction and development of machinery.
Tests and modifies equipment.
Assembles machinery.
Produces rough layouts and designs of mechanical equipment.
Also Called: Mechanical Engineering Assistant
Machinery Technician
Mechanical Assembler
Mechanical Tester
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