Marine Engineering Technologist

Marine engineering technologists work directly with marine engineers. Not only do they help design the equipment and mechanical systems that exist on a boat ship or marine vessel but they also ensure that everything is functioning properly. They manage members of the ship’s staff who are responsible for ensuring that all systems are running properly and safely and they also verify that maintenance and repairs to a ship’s equipment and mechanical systems are completed in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. According to mechanical engineering technologists may work in any number of locations including aboard ships in submarines in marine laboratories in shipyards or at marinas. Most jobs are available in areas close to large bodies of water such as cities and towns near an ocean river or large lake. Some of the specific skills that are necessary for a career as a marine engineering technologists include a keen ability to figure out problems related to mechanical systems knowledge of computer aided design software an ability to adhere to strict safety policies and regulations and a desire to work on a ship that may be at sea for extended periods of time. Additionally some marine engineering technologists are expected to work under water so diving skills are often necessary for this profession. Most employers require that marine engineering technologists have a minimum of an associate’s degree but many aspiring to this career obtain on-the-job training through the United States Navy. The website reports that the average salary for a marine engineering technologist is approximately $34512 per year.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $49080
High Salary: $61209
Low Salary: $36951
Tasks: Designs and develops a ship's machinery and power supply systems.
Discovers defects in current designs.
Examines areas of ships that are under water.
Updates older ships and vessels with new systems.
Also Called: Marine Engineering Assistant
Marine Engineering Technician
Marine Design Technologist
Marine Engineering Project Technologist
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