Manufacturing Technologist

Manufacturing technologists are commonly referred to as “industrial engineering technologists” and their main job duties are to determine if manufacturing plants are producing goods in the least expensive and most efficient manner while still maintaining the quality of the goods produced. Manufacturing technologists work in all types of industries but they all have similar goals no matter what type of product is being produced. Believing that there is always a way to improve the quality and quantity of products that are created in a manufacturing plant while at the same time lowering the cost to produce the goods manufacturing technologists research and administer studies to determine ways to improve the way a manufacturing plant operates. After research is conducted and observations are made manufacturing technologists make suggestions on how manufacturing equipment can be modified how safety can be improved and how to advance the performance of plant workers. According to the website manufacturing technologists need an associate’s degree with an emphasis in engineering technology. Because theories and principles of engineering are used by manufacturing technologists to analyze situations and provide potential solutions to problems it is essential that they have an educational background in this field. Additionally to be successful in this profession manufacturing technologists should have taken courses in math engineering and science while enrolled in their associate’s degree programs. While there is no requirement for a certification in this profession the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies does offer certification that may help aspiring manufacturing technologists obtain specific jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average annual salary for manufacturing technicians is $46810.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $46810
High Salary: $51810
Low Salary: $41810
Tasks: Strives to improve the quality of goods produced.
Ensures that production is carried out efficiently.
Improves processes to increase profitability.
Solves problems occurring in the manufacturing process.
Also Called: Industrial Engineering Technologist
Industrial Engineering Assistant
Mechanical Engineering Technologist
Mechanical Engineering Assistant
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