Manufacturing Tech

Manufacturing technicians operate the machinery and equipment that is located in factories and production plants. They are usually expected to keep an eye out for any problems with the machinery and to perform light maintenance when necessary. They also do inspections of the final product in order to find any defects before the products are sold to customers and to make sure products meet factory standards of quality. They are responsible for reporting any problems to the engineers or other senior employees. To accomplish their tasks they need mechanical abilities and manual dexterity and they must have the analytical skills needed to understand complex production procedures and to determine when errors in product design or production need to be corrected. In addition they are responsible for keeping the work area clean and for reporting any unsafe conditions to their supervisors. In some cases they may be in charge of scheduling the various aspects of the production process. Manufacturing technicians often work in shifts so they must be willing to work nights. In many cases they must wear protective clothing facemasks goggles and earplugs. The website says that some manufacturing technicians travel to customers when the machinery purchased from the manufacturer needs maintenance or repair. Manufacturing technicians are usually not regular employees of a specific company but are hired by the company on a contract basis. The website says that manufacturing technicians need a high school diploma or the equivalent. However earning a diploma from a technical school can increase job opportunities. According to the website manufacturing technicians earn a median annual salary of approximately $28500.

Education Required: High School Diploma & Specialized Training
Avg Salary: $28404
High Salary: $31404
Low Salary: $25404
Tasks: Operates manufacturing machinery.
Troubleshoots problems with machinery.
Performs light maintenance.
Produces quality products in a manufacturing plant.
Also Called: Manufacturing Assistant
Manufacturing Engineering Assistant
Manufacturing Machinery Repair Person
Machinery Mechanic
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