Machinists are industrial workers that are highly skilled in operating many different kinds of power tools that are needed for the production of the metal parts used to construct various kinds of engines. Examples of the tools they use are drill presses lathes boring machines and precision grinding machines. They also understand how to operate machines. Much of the work they do is exacting and they must be able to read blueprints that specify all the steps to be carried out during a production process. Once production is initiated they must remain on the lookout for any problems and they are responsible for inspecting the final product using precision instruments to make sure the measurements are exactly as specified in the blueprint. Machinists have to constantly upgrade their skills because as machine technology changes and they must learn how to operate new kinds of equipment. Because they work with high-speed machinery machinists face safety hazards. They must wear earplugs and protective glasses to shield themselves from noise and flying debris. The majority of machinists work in the manufacturing industry. Some specialize in machine setting which involves getting machines ready for mass production. Others specialize in machine maintenance and repair. Most machinists have a two-year associate’s degree from community college. However they need to work for several years as apprentices where they get both on-the-job and classroom training. It can take up to four years to develop the skills of a fully qualified machinist. Some machinists get their training in the military. The website says that the median hourly wage for machinists is approximately $17.41. Apprentice machinists earn less but once they develop skills their wages become higher.

Education Required: Associate's Degree
Avg Salary: $36212
High Salary: $41212
Low Salary: $31212
Tasks: Watches for problems in the machine's production.
Prepares machines for use by other workers.
Adjusts a machine's speed.
Checks for accuracy of products produced.
Also Called: Machine Operator
Machine Tender
Machine Setter
Machine Supervisor
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