Vice Principal

Vice-principals who are sometimes called “assistant principals” work in primary and secondary schools that are both public and private. Large schools may have more than one vice principle. Vice-principals help the principal with everyday administrative duties. They usually attend school productions and events that occur after regular school hours. In many schools they are in charge of student discipline and they also oversee the ordering of school supplies from vendors. Some vice-principals start their careers as teachers. In general however vice-principals are required to have at least a master’s degree in education or educational administration. In fact some states require principals and vice principals to be certified by passing a written exam. To be successful at their jobs vice-principals should be excellent at communicating with students parents and higher level school administrators and the surrounding community. Vice-principals have long work days. They must be at the school before students arrive and after they go home. Although schools are usually in session for only 10 months vice-principals work year round. During the summer months they perform administrative tasks such as handling new student registration and scheduling classes for the coming academic year. According to the website vice principals who are relatively new in their jobs earn median salaries of approximately $57700. However those with 20 or more years of experience earn an average salary of approximately $72740. However according to the website average salaries also depend on the level of the school-approximately $75100 for high school vice-principals $73000 for junior high or middle school vice-principals and $67700 for elementary school vice- principals. Vice-principals are often on the lookout for opportunities to serve as principles in different schools in their own or other districts.

Education Required: Master's Degree
Avg Salary: $66408
High Salary: $75100
Low Salary: $57716
Tasks: Assists a school's principal.
Helps to hire and manage school staff and teachers.
Deals with students' behavioral issues.
Attends school functions.
Also Called: Assistant Principal
School Administrator
Principal's Assistant
Assistant School Administrator
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